Case Study
June 3, 2020

Joseph Industries' Project Delivery for Yas Marina Hotel: Enhancing Futuristic Design with PVDF Coated Roof Frames

This case study showcases our role in the Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab project, a testament to our team's capabilities in scaling our services and accommodating diverse BIM needs. Starting with a small drywall package, we gradually expanded our scope, providing BIM modeling services for a multitude of elements including architecture, structure, interior design, and joinery for both the main contractor and multiple subcontractors.


Joseph Industries, is a sub-contracting job coating company engaged inPVDF Coating, Powder Coating, Wet Coating, PVD Coating & Wood finish sublimations process, successfully completed a remarkable project for Yas Marina Hotel, also known as W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island.Situated above and across the F1 Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, this five-star hotel is renowned for its futuristic design and iconic status. Joseph Industries' collaboration aimed to enhance the hotel's architectural beauty by delivering and PVDF coated roof frames in a striking white color. This case study highlights JosephIndustries' contribution to the project, showcasing their expertise in coating solutions and their commitment to enhancing the visual appeal of the iconic Yas Marina Hotel.

Understanding Yas Marina Hotel: A Futuristic Icon in Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Hotel, known as W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, stands as a captivating landmark in Abu Dhabi. Situated above and across the F1 Yas Marina Circuit, the hotel offers a luxurious five-star experience to its guests. Its futuristic design and prime location on Yas Island make it an iconic destination, combining modern architecture with the thrill of motorsports.

Joseph Industries' Scope of Work: PVDF Coated Roof Frames

Joseph Industries was entrusted with delivering PVDF coated roof frames for Yas Marina Hotel. PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) is a high-performance coating known for its exceptional weather resistance, UV protection, and aesthetic appeal. The roof frames, coated in PVDF, would contribute to the hotel's overall architectural vision, enhancing its futuristic design and visual impact.

Meticulous Planning and Design

Joseph Industries initiated the project with meticulous planning and design considerations. Collaborating closely with the project team for Yas Marina Hotel, the company conducted comprehensive assessments of the hotel's architectural requirements, site-specific conditions, and desired visual outcomes. This ensured the selection of suitable PVDF coatings and the seamless integration of the coated roof frames with the hotel's distinctive design.

PVDF Coated Roof Frames: Aesthetic Excellence and Protection

Joseph Industries' PVDF coated roof frames brought aesthetic excellence and protection to Yas Marina Hotel. The white color chosen for the PVDF coating accentuated the hotel's futuristic design and complemented its overall color scheme. The PVDF coating not only enhanced the visual appeal of the roof frames but also provided exceptional durability, weather resistance, and UV protection.
The PVDF coated roof frames offered long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance requirements. The coating's weather resistance properties protected the frames from the harsh Abu Dhabi climate, including intense sun exposure and sandstorms, ensuring the hotel's exterior maintained its pristine appearance over time.

Collaborative Approach and Quality Assurance

Throughout the project, Joseph Industries maintained a collaborative approach, working closely with the project team for Yas Marina Hotel. The company's experienced professionals executed the process with precision, adhering to strict quality assurance protocols. This ensured the seamless integration of the PVDF coated roof frames, meeting the high standards expected for an iconic hotel like Yas Marina.
Joseph Industries successfully delivered PVDF coated roof frames for Yas Marina Hotel, enhancing the hotel's futuristic design and iconic status. The company's expertise in construction, combined with a collaborative approach and commitment to quality, ensured the seamless integration of the PVDF coated frames with the hotel's architectural elements. The completion of this project stands as a testament to Joseph Industries' ability to deliver visually stunning and durable solutions that elevate the architectural beauty of iconic structures like Yas Marina Hotel.

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