We understand that the foundation for a quality finish begins with the meticulous preparation of the substrate. Our pre-treatment process meticulously removes impurities, enhances adhesion, and ensures the longevity of the subsequent coatings.

Our Pre Treatment procedure is a meticulous process aimed at ensuring the material surface is pristine and ready for the coating process. This process eliminates all impurities from the material using a well-designed Pretreatment system, which involves Degreasing, Etching, and a Chromate conversion process for long-lasting corrosion protection.The Pretreatment takes place in an 11-tank dipping system, with all rinse tanks operating using advanced automatic cascade technology to ensure impeccable rinsing.

To reduce the possibility of human error, the pretreatment tanks come equipped with sensors and a digital alarm system. For the final rinse, we use deionized water with a conductivity of less than 30 microsiemens at 20 Degrees Celsius, ensuring the highest quality and precision in our pretreatment process.

Choose Joseph Industries for your coating needs. Our meticulous approach to surface preparation ensures that your materials are perfectly primed for the highest quality coating application. With us, you can expect a flawless finish that begins with an impeccable foundation.

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