Coating Booths & Equipments

At Joseph Industries, our commitment to providing superior coating services extends to our state-of-the-art coating booths & equipment. We invest in the latest technologies and maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring that every coating application is carried out with precision, consistency, and efficiency.

Our Coating Booths, furnished by ROT GmbH, facilitate separate PVDF and Powder coating processes using equipment from NORDSON CORPORATION, U.S.A., including the advanced "RA-20" Rotary Atomizers (BELLS). The design incorporates photocell sensors and automated gear pumps to ensure a consistent coating thickness. Atomization occurs at 50,000 RPM for a fine finish, with paint particles charged for optimal penetration in recessed areas. Booths are pressurized to ensure a speck-free finish and equipped with water wash curtains and a sludge collection system for a clean environment. All stages, from conveyor speeds to reciprocator operations, are governed by automatic Prologic controls, ensuring a seamless and precise operation.

Choose Joseph Industries for your coating needs. Our coating booths & equipment not only ensure the highest quality finishes but also contribute to our commitment to sustainable practices.

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