Case Study
June 3, 2020

Joseph Industries' Project Delivery for Skyview Tower: Transforming Burj Downtown Skyline with PVDF Coated Packages

This case study showcases our role in the Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab project, a testament to our team's capabilities in scaling our services and accommodating diverse BIM needs. Starting with a small drywall package, we gradually expanded our scope, providing BIM modeling services for a multitude of elements including architecture, structure, interior design, and joinery for both the main contractor and multiple subcontractors.


Joseph Industries, is a sub-contracting job coating company engaged in PVDF Coating, Powder Coating process, we successfully completed a prestigious project for Skyview Tower in BurjDowntown, Dubai. This collaboration aimed to elevate the architectural beauty and durability of the landmark twin tower by Panels &Extrusions coated in PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). This case study highlights Joseph Industries' contribution to the project, showcasing their expertise in coating solution and their commitment to transforming the skyline of Burj Downtown with high-quality PVDF coatings.

Understanding Skyview Tower: A Landmark Twin Tower in Burj Downtown

Skyview Tower stands tall as a prominent landmark in Burj Downtown, Dubai. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, this twin tower development exemplifies modern architecture and sophistication. The towers offer a mix of residential, commercial, and retail spaces, reflecting Dubai's cosmopolitan lifestyle and vibrant urban environment.

Joseph Industries' Scope of Work: PVDF Coated Packages

Joseph Industries was entrusted with delivering various packages coated in PVDF for Skyview Tower. PVDF, a high-performance coating material, is known for its exceptional weather resistance, UV protection, and longevity. The packages coated in PVDF included façade elements, cladding, and architectural features, all of which contribute to the overall aesthetics and durability of the towers.

Meticulous Planning and Design

Joseph Industries initiated the project with meticulous planning and design considerations. Collaborating closely with the project team for Skyview Tower, the company conducted comprehensive assessments of the towers' architectural requirements, site-specific conditions, and desired visual outcomes. This facilitated the selection of suitable PVDF coatings and ensured a seamless integration of the coated packages into the towers' overall design.

PVDF Coated Packages: Aesthetic Excellence and Long-Term Protection

Joseph Industries' PVDF coated packages brought aesthetic excellence and long-term protection to Skyview Tower. The PVDF coatings provided a smooth and vibrant finish to the façade and cladding elements, enhancing the towers' visual appeal and establishing a captivating presence in the Burj Downtown skyline. The extensive range of colors available in PVDF coatings allowed for customization, enabling the packages to seamlessly blend with the architectural vision of Skyview Tower.
Moreover, the PVDF coatings offered exceptional durability and weather resistance, safeguarding the towers against harsh environmental conditions prevalent in Dubai. The coatings' UV protection properties ensured that the colors would remain vibrant and vibrant, while the coatings' longevity preserved the structural integrity of the packages, reducing maintenance requirements.

Collaborative Approach and Quality Assurance

Throughout the project, Joseph Industries maintained a collaborative approach, working closely with the project team for Skyview Tower. The company's experienced professionals meticulously executed the process, adhering to strict quality assurance protocols. This ensured that the PVDF coated packages were flawlessly integrated into the towers, meeting the high standards expected for a prominent development like Skyview Tower.
Joseph Industries successfully delivered PVDF coated packages for Skyview Tower, transforming the skyline of Burj Downtown with enhanced aesthetics and long-term protection. The company's expertise in construction, combined with a collaborative approach and commitment to quality, ensured the seamless integration of the PVDF coated packages with the towers' architectural elements. The completion of this project stands as a testament to Joseph Industries' ability to deliver visually stunning and durable solutions that elevate the skyline of Burj Downtown and contribute to Dubai's iconic urban landscape.

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