Case Study
June 3, 2020

Joseph Industries' Project Delivery for Mashreq Bank HQ: Elevating the Dubai Skyline with PVDF Coating Packages

This case study showcases our role in the Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab project, a testament to our team's capabilities in scaling our services and accommodating diverse BIM needs. Starting with a small drywall package, we gradually expanded our scope, providing BIM modeling services for a multitude of elements including architecture, structure, interior design, and joinery for both the main contractor and multiple subcontractors.


Joseph Industries, is a sub-contracting job coating company engaged in PVDF Coating, Powder Coating, Wet Coating, PVD Coating & Wood finish sublimations process, we successfully completed a prestigious project for Mashreq Bank Headquarters in Dubai. This collaboration aimed to enhance the visual appeal and durability of the 32-storytall landmark by various packages coated in PVDF coating. This case study highlights Joseph Industries' contribution to the project, showcasing their expertise in coating solutions and their commitment to elevating the Dubai skyline with high-quality coatings.

Understanding Mashreq Bank HQ: A Landmark in Dubai

Mashreq Bank Headquarters stands as a significant landmark in the Dubai skyline. With its impressive 32-story height, the building serves as the headquarters for Mashreq Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in the region. The headquarters reflects the bank's commitment to excellence and innovation, showcasing a modern architectural design.

Joseph Industries' Scope of Work: PVDF Coating Packages

Joseph Industries was entrusted to various packages coated in PVDF coating for Mashreq Bank HQ. PVDF coating is a process where a protective and decorative layer of paint is applied to surfaces, providing enhanced durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. The packages encompassed different elements of the building's exterior, such as façade components, architectural features, and structural elements.

Meticulous Planning and Design

Joseph Industries initiated the project with meticulous planning and design. Collaborating closely fabricator to ensure consistency of colour, apprearance, durability etc. for the façade. The product selected to the factors such as colors scheme, longevity, and resistance to environmental conditions were taken into consideration to ensure the PVDF coated packages met the project's specific needs.

PVDF Coated Packages: Aesthetic Excellence and Longevity

Joseph Industries' delivery of PVDF coated packages added aesthetic excellence and longevity to Mashreq Bank HQ. The PVDF coating process provided a smooth and durable finish to the building's exterior components, enhancing their visual appeal and ensuring long-term protection. The wide range of colors available in PVDF coating allowed for customization, enabling the packages to seamlessly integrate with the overall architectural design of the headquarters.
Additionally, the PVDF coating provided enhanced durability, weather resistance, and protection against UV radiation and corrosion. This ensured that the PVDF-coated packages would withstand the demanding environmental conditions of Dubai and maintain their pristine appearance for years to come.

Collaborative Approach and Quality Assurance

Throughout the project, Joseph Industries maintained a collaborative approach, working closely with the project team at Mashreq Bank HQ. The company's experienced professionals meticulously executed the delivery process, adhering to strict quality assurance protocols. This attention to detail resulted in a flawless finish, meeting the high standards expected for a prominent landmark like Mashreq Bank HQ.
Joseph Industries successfully delivered PVDF coated packages for Mashreq Bank Headquarters, elevating the visual appeal and durability of this iconic building in the Dubai skyline. The company's expertise in construction, combined with a collaborative approach and commitment to quality, ensured the seamless integration of the PVDF coated packages with the building's architectural elements. The completion of this project stands as a testament to Joseph Industries' ability to deliver aesthetically pleasing and durable solutions that enhance the skyline of Dubai.

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